Advisory Council

Dr. Joseph Hilbe

Dr. Joseph Hilbe is Emeritus Professor at the University of Hawaii and Solar System Ambassador with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology. Since 1992 Dr. Hilbe has served as an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Arizona State University. Dr Hilbe is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and was a founding member of the ASA Health Policy Statistics Section executive committee. He is also an elected member (Fellow) of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) , the world association of statisticians, and chair of the ISI Sports Statistics Committee and chair of the ISI Astrostatistics Committee, as well as the Chair of the International Astrostatistics Network, the first and only global association of astrostatisticians. Dr. Hilbe has authored over one hundred journal articles and is author of the COUNT package in R, located on the CRAN website. He is currently on the editorial boards of a number of statistics journals. He was also the first editor of the Stata Technical Bulletin (now Stata Journal) and from 1997-2009 was Software Reviews Editor for The American Statistician. Dr. Hilbe is Editor-in-Chief of the Springer Series in Astrostatistics, and is author of two editions of Negative Binomial Regression (2007, 2011, Cambridge University Press) as well as Logistic Regression Models (2009, Chapman & Hall/CRC), and, with James Hardin, is author of Generalized Estimating Equations (2003, Chapman & Hall/CRC) andGeneralized Linear Models and Extensions (2001, 2007, Stata Press). He is also author of R for Stata Users (2010, Springer, with R. Muenchen).


Dr. David Unwin

Dr. David Unwin , until his retirement in 2002, was Professor of Geography at Birkbeck College, University of London, where he retains an Emeritus Chair in the subject. He is also a Visiting Professor in the Department of Geomatic Engineering at University College, also in the University of London. His work using and developing spatial statistics in research stretches back some 40 years, and he has authored over a hundred academic papers in the field, together with a series of texts, of which the most recent are his Geographic Information Analysis, 2nd edition (with D. O'Sullivan, 2010) and a series of edited collections on the interface between geography and computer science: Visualization in GIS (Hearnshaw and Unwin, 1994), Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS (Fischer, Scholten and Unwin, 1996), Virtual Reality in Geography (Fisher and Unwin, 2002), and, most recently, representation issues in Re-presenting GIS (Fisher and Unwin, 2005). Having developed the world's first wholly internet-delivered Master's program in GIS in 1998, David Unwin has considerable experience in teaching and tutoring online.

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