Dr. Brian Marx

Dr. Brian Marx Dr. Brian Marxis Professor of Statistics at Louisiana State University, and has taught Categorical Data Analysis for over ten years. He is currently serving as Chair of the Statistical Modelling Society and is the Coordinating Editor of Statistical Modelling: An International Journal. Dr. Marx has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals.


BS Physiology, Michigan State University

MA Statistics, Penn State University

PhD Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Areas of Expertise:


Coefficient Models

Linear Models

Generalized Estimating Equations


Co-author, "Splines, knots and penalties" Wiley Interdisciplinary, 2010.

Co-author, "A multiple additive regression tree analysis of three exposure measures during Hurricane Katrina" Disasters: The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management, 2010

Co-author, "Bilinear modulation models for seasonal tables of counts" Statistics and Computing, 2010.

Co-author, "Transformations of pseudo-Boolean random variables" Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2010.

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Dr. Brian Marx

Categorical Data Analysis

Instructor at Statistics.com since November 2007


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