Dr. David G. Kleinbaum

Dr. David G. Kleinbaum Dr. David G. Kleinbaumis Professor of Epidemiology at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. He is internationally known for his textbooks in statistical and epidemiologic methods, and as an outstanding teacher. He has also taught over 175 short courses over the past 30 years throughout the world.


AB Mathematics, Hamilton College, New York

AM Mathematics, University of Rochester, New York

PhD. Mathematical Statistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Areas of Expertise:


Statistical Education


Multivariate Analysis

Longitudinal Data


Author, Epidemiologic Research- Principles and Quantitative Methods (Wiley, 1982)

Author, Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods, 4th Edition (Cengage, 2007)

Author, Logistic Regression- A Self-Learning Text, 2nd edition (Springer, 2010)

Author, Survival Analysis- A Self Learning Text, 3rd edition (Springer, 2011)

Author, ActivEpi and its accompanying ActivEpi Companion Text (Springer, 2003)


First recipient of the ASPH/Pfizer award for career teaching in 2005, which considers all faculty in all Schools of Public Health throughout the US and Canada

Numerous awards for outstanding teaching

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David Kleinbaum

Designing Valid Statistical Studies
Epidemiologic Statistics
Survival Analysis

Instructor at Statistics.com since December 2004


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