Dr. Nick Bearman

Dr. Nick BearmanNick Bearman is Senior GIS Analyst and Course Director at Clear Mapping Co., a cartographic design consultancy. Nick has lectured and researched at University of Liverpool for three years.


Dr. Bearman is passionate about GIS and spatial skills both as a tool to solve problems and as a vital skill to be taught to anyone who uses spatial data to make decisions. He is a Chartered Geographer (GIS) and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority. Dr Bearman applies cartographic and GIS analysis techniques to a range of client facing projects, including site maps, cartographic design and analysis & presentation of small area change in Census data.


Dr. Bearman uses a wide range of GIS tools to complete tasks involving the reuse of secondary spatial data. He is particularly interested in applying geographic data science and big data analysis techniques to new areas that tend not to use these approaches. There is great potential for these methods to have an impact on a variety of areas including public healthcare planning and service delivery.He is also interested in novel ways of representing spatial data including the use of sound, and evaluating the effectiveness of teaching GIS to undergraduate and postgraduate students.


University of Leicester, Masters in GIS

University of East Anglia, PhD.

Areas of Expertise:




Spatial Data


Author of scholarly papers in the subjects of GIS training and teaching, cartography, geodemographic classification. and sonification. See a listing of all current publications here.


Prize in Young Statisticians Group/Significance writing competition with article on sonification - 2012

Prize for Presentation at Ordnance Survey MSc Programme 2008 Day.

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Geospatial Data Mapping with QGIS

Instructor at Statistics.com since September 2016


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