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Learn Bayesian Statistics with this 3-course online Bayesian Statistics Specialization at for $1200.

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Bayesian statisticians (the policeman) like to think of frequentists as the man in the hat searching for his quarter, in this Mutt and Jeff cartoon.

1942 June 3, Florence Morning News, Mutt and Jeff Comic Strip, Page 7, Florence, South Carolina. (NewspaperArchive)1942 June 3, Florence Morning News, Mutt and Jeff Comic Strip, Page 7, Florence, South Carolina. (NewspaperArchive)

Bayesian statistics, now that it has been unleashed by computing power, gained popularity because, unlike the sometimes convoluted logic of frequentist statistics, it answers a question that people want an answer to.  This is usually a question starting with "What is the probability that...X," where X is the question of interest, not some artificial abstract construct of hypothesis testing.

Q. Who teaches?

William M. Bolstad (Professor of Statistics at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and the author of "Introduction to Bayesian Statistics,") teaches "Introduction to Bayesian Statistics."

Peter Congdon (Research Professor in Quantitative Geography and Health Statistics at Queen Mary University of London, and the author of “Bayesian Statistical Modeling" and "Applied Bayesian Modeling”) teaches the other courses. 

Q. How do the courses work?

You'll have weekly readings and exercises, a private discussion forum with the instructor and your student colleagues in a small online class, and you'll get marks and individual feedback on all your submitted work. Each course will require about 15 hours per week and there are no set hours when you must be online.

Q. Can I take the courses individually?

Yes, but you'll need to be familiar with Bayesian statistics for the Modeling and R courses (and you'll need to know some R for that course). Note that the $667 in savings applies only if you take all 3 courses.   

Q. How do I get the $667 in savings?

Just register for 3 Bayesian courses at the same time, use the promo code "Bayes" and the savings will be automatically applied.

Q. How do I register?

You can register at any of the above course links - you'll also find the syllabus and course details there too.

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