Mr. Tal Galili

Mr. Tal GaliliMr. Tal Galili is a lecturer for statistics courses at Tel Aviv University while working on his PhD in statistics there.  He writes the blog R-Statistics, which is a collection basket for his ongoing exploration of R, Statistics, data, WordPress, blogging and open-source. is a proud member of the website, which is a central hub (aggregator) of content collected from bloggers who write about R. The site helps R bloggers and users to connect and follow the “R blogosphere."


PhD in statistics (ongoing work), Tel Aviv University

MA in statistics (specialty in biostatistics),Tel Aviv University

BA in statistics and General Humanities, Tel Aviv University


Aidinoff, E., Benjamini, Y., Galili, T., Polliack, T., Front, L., Bluvshtein, V., Itzkovich, M., et al. (2011). Nonlinearformulas for the spinal cord injury ability realization measurement index. Spinal cord.doi:10.1038/sc.2011.145

Bluvshtein, V., Front, L., Itzkovich, M., Benjamini, Y., Galili, T., Gelernter, I., Aidinoff, E., et al. (2011). A newgrading for easy and concise description of functional status after spinal cord lesions. Spinal cord.doi:10.1038/sc.2011.84

Benjamini, Y., Fonio, E., Galili, T., Havkin, G. Z., & Golani, I. (2011). Quantification of Behavior SacklerColloquium: Quantifying the buildup in extent and complexity of free exploration in mice. Proceedings ofthe National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. doi:10.1073/pnas.1014837108

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